What Is Halki Diabetes Remedy?

The Halki Diabetes Remedy is a protocol that has been used by inhabitants of a Greek island called Halki, that has the potential to help blood sugar levels.

The Halki Diabetes Remedy is an eBook that will provide you with recipes, meals and exercises that can potentially help control your blood sugar levels.
From a detox tea, to salad dressings (with natural ingredients that potentially help with cell repair), you will receive recipes for these salad dressings along with a three week protocol to follow.
This package comes with bonus materials which guide you on how to achieve your goals, how to potentially increase your energy, and gives you knowledge about the mind-body connection, in relation to your blood sugar imbalances.


So, I have many criticisms of this book, which I will discuss below. But every failing this book has pales in comparison to my major take-away, which is this protocol is easy to follow AND it WORKS!!!

I am (maybe was) a self-diagnosed pre-diabetic. I have no medical training, but my research suggests that your fasting blood sugar should be below 100 mg/dL, and less than 140 mg/dL after eating. Before this diet protocol, when I eat whatever I wanted, sometimes my fasting blood sugar would be over 200 mg/dL.

My first attempt to control my blood sugar was to eat a more low-carb diet, which helped a lot. If I stuck to a VERY restrictive diet I could keep my blood sugar where it needed to be. But if I had even one ham sandwich, one white bread or one fast-food meal, my sugars would spike and stay elevated for quite awhile.

I fundamentally distrust pharmaceuticals, believing that they often cure one problem only to cause one or more other problems. And I have tried herbal supplements, but the ones I tried did not work.

With the Halki protocol, I still cannot eat anything I want, but I can eat a reasonable diet (some paste and white bread and the occasional fast-food meal) without my blood sugars spiking. And when I do eat some sugary treat, my blood sugar still spikes, but not like it used to.

The protocol calls for you to eat two different homemade sauces a day, as well as some other things. The sauces can be used as a dressing for salad, a dip, or a sauce for meats, rice, etc. The sauces did not taste bad, per se, but to me they were not that tasty either. I prefer to drink the sauces as a shot, and this definitely works for me.

I still cannot eat really sugary foods and keep my blood sugars in check, but when I do eat really sugary foods and follow the protocol, my blood sugars are much lower than they would be without the Halki Remedy.

I really like the fact that the sauces are made 100% from food items. It would be impossible to over-do the protocol. When was the last time you heard of someone OD’ing on peppermint or ginger? I love that everything you need to follow the protocol can be purchased at you local grocery store. I also love that I have 100% control over what goes into my “medicine”. I am a HUGE fan of this remedy.

I will say that the book is not well written and the formatting of the book definitely leaves something to be desired. But I could frankly gives a rat’s ass about those considerations given that the protocol is easy to follow and actual works!!!!

Peace, love and hope to all who read this review.


The book says you don’t have to be on the protocol forever. I have found that to be true. I was only on the protocol for about 5 weeks. I ended up going off the protocol for a weekend because I was traveling. But even without the protocol my blood sugars were well under control, so I did not start again. I have been off the protocol for about a month, and still my blood sugars are well controlled.

I recommend you give this protocol a try. Test it for 60 days and if you don’t notice a difference then request to get your money back. It worked for me but everyone is different.